We believe it is an honor to represent Hawaii and with that honor comes responsibility to demonstrate the spirit of Aloha.

Island ELITE is a training facility devoted to all athletes on Oahu. Our core values are

Commitment, Discipline, Respect and Passion. As we begin our journey to becoming one of the

top training facilities in the country we will strive to be recognized through the character and

physical development of all of our athletes. We are devoted to developing the whole athlete –

physically, mentally, and emotionally. We take pride in providing a large, clean, state of the art

facility with an unparalled parent and family area for your convenience, pleasure and


It goes without saying that the youth in our program will be working toward developing their

skills and reaching their potential. We also believe that the time the athletes spend in the gym

and with their coaches carries a responsibility to teach and help them grow and work together as

a team and strong community member. Whether in their professional or social life, teamwork is a

lifetime lesson. Athletes will learn about sportsmanship, working together towards goals, and

striving to win.